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Between 10:30 pm and 10:45 pm on friday august 23, 2019, i was in a hammock on my front porch looking up and slightly to the north. i was out stargazing, watching shooting stars. i was puzzling over pair of satellites gliding north together, side by side. usually i only see one satellite at a time.

i saw a pencil shaped cloaked object moving steadily across the sky. i first saw it come into view near the star caph – î² cassiopeiae (beta cassiopeiae). (see photo) it was heading from east to west, at a constant gliding speed. it seemed to glide and move steadily, like a satellite, but it was approximately 15 times longer. it was slower than a shooting star, but faster than a satellite. it was cloaked, meaning i couldn't see what was moving across the stars and sky, only the black shape, as it moved across the stars in the sky, masking starlight. it had a faint, reddish, hazy, glowing outline, helping to define the shape. it was thin, like a pencil with tapering on both ends, culminating in a rounded endpoint. the whole sighting lasted about 5 seconds, as i had a very limited view of the sky, between a tree in my yard and the roof of my home.

after seeing it, i went online trying to figure out what i saw. i have also attached a daylight photo i found on facebook that is the exact shape and proportion of what i saw. the other image is where i saw it in the night sky as it came into view, steadily gliding from east to west.

what are these things?

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