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The orb appeared over candy mountain for a second time on the 4th. this time there were a total of 6 objects seen throughout the night from 7pm-11pm. one red orb was seen at a low level then disappeared around 7pm. later, approximately 45 minutes, two objects were seen to the south east. both were blinking randomly between red, white, and green. there is a third object further out that was not originally seen while filming the video that was way behind the red hovering orb. it moved in a leaf like pattern then blinked out and reappeared after the red orb blinked out. the orbs appeared and reappeared for almost an additional 2 hrs transitioning all around the sky with up to three present in different areas. towards the end of the night i was walking out onto the patio and witnessed a red/green object that appeared to be in the shape of a hockey puck with the front and underside that was blinking red. the rear of the object was green. the object traveled at a lower level approximately 100 ft off the ground traveling from north to south. two other red objects were seen further back beyond candy mountain. there was a low flying single engine plane seen flying from the east going west when two white objects appeared approximately 200 yards below the airplane on both sides of the plane and flew towards the plane and blinked out. later, there was a solid white light that first appeared to be a satellite, since it was moving fast and in a straight line from the west going east. another solid white light roughly at the same height came in on an angle then flew beside the other white light that i thought was a satellite. both objects continued to the east at a high rate of speed. another object a few minutes later came from the east and flew an s pattern in the sky. again, this object was high up and appeared to be a satellite, but maneuvered in the s pattern before continuing on back towards the east where the other two white lights went earlier.

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