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This is a letter i sent on 8 1 19 to mufon massachusetts and nufor organization as i searched for reporting centers. i wanted to talk to someone. i never received a reply. i have spoken to several people since the event and found there was another witness to this in the neighboring town of south deerfield. i have not spoken to him in person yet. i did report it to 2 police departments and asked for anonymity. this is why this report is coming in now. i thought that my letter to mufon and nufor would put it into the database but i was incorrect.
this is my initial letter to mufon massachusetts. 8 1 19

hi eric,

i witnessed an orange ball that came within 400 yards of me from the north. i was on the roof of my garage at 1022pm on the 29th of july. i noticed this object on the screen as i was adjusting settings on security cameras. i thought that it was likely a plane. i turned to look at it and it was something very different. it was orange like the sun. a dark orange you might see at sunset low on the horizon on some nights. it was bright. as i was viewing it it went behind the tree in 45 feet in front of me but i could still see it clearly as no leaves in the tree. i was really taking a look at this thing. it was a lot closer than i thought it was. i got a really good look at it when it was in a clear part if the tree branches. i could see dimly lit.. this silver platform that stuck out on the left and the right of this bright orange light and tapered off. this structure was thick. 10 times that of a wing on an aircraft anyway. this thing made no sound whatsoever. i am a pilot so am familiar with aircraft civil and military and also fly drones myself. i was just trying to make sense of it. i got a second good look at it when it cleared the tree. again i saw these platform structures on the left and the right. it was angled directly down towards me at probably a 30 degree angle downward. i realized again in a bit of fear that this thing was really close to me. much closer than i thought it was even before. it was under 1000ft altitude and had to be 400 yards away from me and likely closer to be able to see the detail that i did. i live in a rural area of western massachusetts. this thing once i got the last good look at it. made some kind of maneuver and then went from this large bright light and shot off to this small ball of light towards the east and then was gone. that happened within a second. it was astounding to see. it was not an aircraft of any kind that i know of and even in it's acceleration towards the east and upward about 5 degrees it made no sound. it was incredible and have been thinking about it every minute since it happened. it was jaw dropping performance when it departed. that told me that what i was looking at was something totally exotic. when it first appeared it was coming down from an altitude to the tree line by my house and garage. it slowed once it started to enter the tree line level from my perspective. it was there for 45 second in my visual range total time. i've drawn it, wrote about it and reported it to the police and in process of reporting it to westover afb. i want to know if anyone else saw this thing. if anyone was looking up that night they would have seen this. it initially came from the north near south deerfield and departed east at incredible speed. trying to do my best to report it and get it on record. not interested in being public about it but needed to reach out and share and serve due diligence.


after writing this letter i went up flying in a cessna the path of this object and realized it was a lot closer. it had to be for me to see the detail that i saw. i think at this point that it was 200 yards from me. it's elevation also had to be lower than my initial guess. in order for this object to pass behind that tree and for me to see detail that i saw and the angle at which i was looking at it. it was either farther away and very large or closer and lower than i had previously guessed. at this point it had to be at around 500 feet. in the end for me to see the detail it had to be closer.
as i was viewing it i was going through my mind as to what it could be. the fact that this thing made no sound at all. no air displacement. totally silent. and then departed at a ridiculous speed to the ne, this was definitely not a plane, a drone, a jet or anything conventional or military. the psychological effects after seeing this thing are still with me today. i do not know what it was, it felt like it was looking directly at me. so questions abound. what was it? why did i see this? the technological capabilities of this thing were far beyond anything i know of, so where was this thing from and what was it doing over a rural area where i live?

the light from this object was strange. it did not behave like light. there were no shadows cast and the light should have lit up the area well. it did not. it was like the light was somehow self contained. this and the lack of any sound spoke to me of something completely foreign. there was a lot of physics involved here that i did not know were possible and especially with seeing the departure.

as a pilot, after the fact, i began to think of the dangers of something that traveled this fast across the sky on departure. it could very possibly effect the safety of myself, passengers, and pilots in the aviation community.

unfortunately there are a lot of issues in reporting something like this. the police departments gave me an odd look or tried to explain that i had seen a meteorite! when i made the reports to different organizations, i received no reply. there does not seem to be a good enough system to report these things. this was no small deal in my life and i am sure for others that have seen this. we can do better and especially since whatever this was raised all kinds of concerns, questions, and if this thing was not from this planet then it should be our top priority on the planet to address it.

if anyone else viewed this thing please report it, even anonymously. i know of one other person that viewed it but i think there were many more.

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