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Mostly flares, orbs, sky lights that are subtle, clairvoyant visions or holograms. 3 distance flying craft; 2 dropped from high altitude, like a space-capsule, stopped at about 70 degrees and changed in appearance to modern jets with yellow-gold engine color and lilac jet stream, these were about 2 minutes apart and went south or away from my property. 2 days later, about 60 degrees and sw of my property a large saucer like craft, shimmering and moving slowly, flew for about 25 seconds then disappeared slowly into what seemed to be video cloaking. almost every evening and night, i am getting lightening bug like flares are greenish, flash is about 2� that floats around treetop to ground most every evening and into dark into my an my neighbors yards and the surrounding woods. i live on about a 3 acre horse property with many empty lots around me. also energetic flashed and clouds with visuals. i would love to have field investigator’s visit. thank you

ps, i have lived in williston, florida for a little over a year and lots of sky activity and i am very clairvoyant, and work as a psychic, so having an outside investigator will help with evidential. ðÿœžðÿ�¬

i have some video and a few pics that i can send, but when i tried through this system, i got an error message.

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