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Although people have claimed to see strange objects in the sky for much of human history, UFO is a fairly new term. It’s an acronym that stands for Unidentified Flying Object. The term first appeared in the 1950s, and up until then these weird objects were known by another name: flying saucers. This is because many of the sightings described floating, disc-shaped objects.

The term UFO was originally meant for any unknown object people saw in the sky. For example, a pilot may have come across an experimental plane that couldn’t be identified, and would label it a UFO. However, the term quickly became attached to sightings of crafts that were thought to be from other planets.
Some people believe that UFOs are actually vehicles from other planets, flown by alien visitors. Some people have even claimed to have been abducted by these eerie, floating vessels. Many of the reports we have on UFOs come from pilots who have claimed to see flying objects that don’t look or behave like any aircraft they have ever seen before!

So, are UFOs really alien in nature? While there haven’t been a large number of scientific studies done on these phenomena, different governments have looked into them. Though there has never been any hard evidence of extraterrestrial involvement, it’s impossible to rule it out 100 per cent.
In most UFO sightings, what people believe are UFOs are actually just common objects like planes and clouds, or celestial events like meteors and planets that seem unusually bright. Some cases remain unidentified even after they’ve been investigated, but scientists believe many of these to also be sightings of more common objects that people simply didn’t recognize. Many reported UFO sightings actually turn out to be something as simple as a balloon.

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