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FLIR is a thermographic camera that senses infrared radiation.
It has been reported that this UFO had heat, and traveled into the wind at a 1000 ft.
The pilot’s comments were that the object wasn’t visible in daytime mode, only in the camera’s infrared mode.
The filming was set to ‘black hot’, which means there is heat coming off the craft.
FBI Memo:
General Twining Letter:
declassified USAFE 14 doc:
paper - physical evidence:
UK Files:
UK Reports:
French Files:
Spain Files:
Canada Files:
Australian Files:
Brazil Files:
Denmark Files
New Zealand Files:
200 cases in Spain and Portugal:
Cases involving vehicle interference:
The Hynek Ufo Report:
Cases with Physical Traces:
A Study on secondary Effects:
CIA Remote viewing Mars:
29 March 2010 ICOD: 1 December 2009 DIA-08-1003-015 Advanced Space Propulsion Based оп Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering:

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