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Svetlana moksimova Santa Barbara 8th February 19


On July 7th 2018 I was able to video a very unusual and yet still to be identified craft over my hometown. This event (which was really only the last in a long list of varied sightings) has led me on this journey to bring to the masses the overwhelming amount of footage and clear cut evidence that something is going on that is beyond our grasp.

This is something that has obviously been covered up from the start and it’s about time we not only knew the truth but face the truth ...we are not alone!

At SaS I will present the latest available UFO/USO and anything sky related Footage as well as making short factual Documentaries that will perhaps share something to you that brings to light things we all should know. I am a private pilot of 23 years and I am ex military, I have had my eyes wide open the whole time and for the most of what I’ve seen I wish I had a camera ready. There are hundreds of sightings every day, some are photographed or videoed and I am taking the maximum from it in getting it across to you. Let’s get disclosure now!

If you have footage to share please contact me on my website. The address is below.

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